Oh God! Why me?

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

‘When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, ‘Why God? Why me? And the thundering voice of God answered, ‘There’s just something about you that pisses me off’ –Stephen King (quote)

Many of us spend our lives on our knees asking ‘Why me? And whether we believe in God or not we still ask this same question!  And we feel picked on!

Well let me tell you something I learned….Shit happens… it’s ain’t personal…and we have a choice to get up off of our knees and change our question. Yes… change our question from ‘Why me? To ‘How best can I handle what’s happened?’

Why am I suggesting this? Well if you stay on your knees, asking ‘why’ every time something happens, you’re adopting the role of a victim…you become powerless…life just ‘happens’ to you, and you’ll find yourself feeling just a tad helpless.

I’m all about sharing ways to empower….so the next time something happens, get up… stand up tall… and say to yourself…’ I am stronger than this’…. Now….what’s the best I can do in the here and now with what has happened here?’ Say to yourself… I am no longer a victim… I am an ingenious survivor…. I will survive……these words will give you strength… they will give you courage in the face of adversity… every time…

Say goodbye to thoughts of…  why?…what ifs…. isn’t it terrible?… I don’t deserve this…if only…..forget those thoughts…. forget them… they’ll keep you in misery…

We don’t need to know why things happen to us…we do need to know that we can turn it all around and start happening to things….

Your empowerment is merely a thought away… enjoy !

3 Responses to Oh God! Why me?

  1. thaliamae says:

    Boy if this isnt the truth! I wish I would do it more often when S***t hits the fan. Crazy how we get our selfs stuck in the moment of our emotions and forget to be rational.

  2. Thanks for your comment thaliamae, it just takes a little bit of practice lol, it’s a bit difficult at first, but practice makes perfect, lol !

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