A Different Perspective

January 4, 2012

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

You’re standing in the room of your life, and even though it’s in darkness, you can clearly see all the cracks, you can see all the things that are wrong, you can see the unauthenticity of others, you can see the falseness, the façades, the injustices, and you are tired, disillusioned and in despair, and as you sigh at the imperfectness of it all, you catch sight of a glimmer of light in the corner of your eye, and as you step to the side slightly, you notice that there is another side to this room that you hadn’t noticed before.

It’s so bright it almost blinds you, for you have been in a dark room for a long, long time. And as your eyes adjust, you see that you are in a perfectly delightful room, so well lit, that there are no shadows at all. Everything is perfect here. In this part of the room, everyone is authentic, they’re the real deal, they say what they mean and they mean what they say, they talk the talk and they walk the walk, and you are amazed, in this room, there is a wonderful feeling of contentment and happiness and bliss, you feel that you could almost stay here forever and enjoy and escape into this euphoric experience, and then you get a sneaking feeling that this isn’t real, and you remember the dark place that you were before, and somehow that still feels more real to you, and as you are thinking of stepping back to where you were before, something shiny catches your eye from another part of this room.

And as you step to the side slightly yet again you are amazed to see a whole wall covered in a very large mirror, and reflected in this very large mirror are the two parts of the room that you have already seen, but the view also reflects you, and your reflection seems huge and the two other parts seem very far away, and as you step nearer, your reflection looms in front of you, and your focus on your reflection becomes so clear that it is the only thing you can see. And you start thinking about the people in the dark part of the room, their falseness, their façades, their unauthenticity, then your thoughts switch to the people in the bright part of the room, how genuine they were, how loving and non judgemental they were, and you ask yourself, ‘Where do I fit in ? You say to yourself ‘I am neither of these two types; I am neither all good, nor all bad.’

And the two parts of the room fade out completely and you see yourself for what you are, you look deep inside and ask yourself questions, and they come hard and fast and you find it hard to come up with quick answers…’ Who am I?’ ‘Am I authentic?’ Do I talk my talk and walk my walk?’ ‘Am I real or a façade?’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘Am I judging others to avoid facing myself and the changes I have to make to better myself and my world?’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘Am I putting my life on hold, making excuses and refusing to participate in my world because of all the falseness I see?’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘Does my life have no meaning, simply because I haven’t given it some myself?’

And the questions keep coming, and you manage to answer some, and the rest play around in your mind, and you see that it doesn’t really matter who is in what room or what they represent, that the most important person in the room is you, and what you stand for, what you believe in, your authenticity, who you really are is what counts. Who you really are and how you are affecting your world, whether you are sharing your despair or your hope, and you see that it is possible to come at your world from any corner of this room, from any perspective you choose,  and you suddenly see everything in the mirror, the light part of the room, the dark part of the room, and you see you, and you see that it is all just a reflection, that what you are putting out, you are getting back, and when you look into the dark you see the shadows, when you look into the light, you see the brightness, but when you look at you, you see the truth, and you are amazed, and you catch sight of the last remaining  part of the room behind you, and you turn around and see a door opening, and you realise that it is all an illusion of your own making, that you can  focus on the bad, and that will be your experience, or you can focus on the good, and that will be your experience, or you can focus on you, and if you can be brutally honest with yourself, you can step out of the illusion…

….. And you  take a few steps forward, pause and look back for a moment with no regrets, and you walk through the doorway…… to reality !


Unconditionally Yours

January 1, 2012

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

Who am I?

When ‘Ego’ meets me, it does not ‘Get me’; it does not see where I am coming from. I am a creator of bridges not walls. I do not measure, I do not score points. There is no hidden scoreboard.  I seek to give, not for what I can receive back, but just because I can. I am your supportive friend, always wanting the best for you. I don’t do ‘Envy’, I have no need for that. Your success is my success. When you shine, I shine. Your joy is my joy. I do not lose when you have achieved your desires, it merely gives me hope that what is for me, is also on the way, and in the appropriate time it will arrive, and we can rejoice again my friend.

Who am I?

I have no need for expectations; you do not need to fit into any pre conceived notions of who you should be, in order to please me. I accept you as you are, because I love and accept myself firstly, in this now moment, you are good enough, and I am good enough, you are where you should be, and I am where I should be. I do not ‘Want’ anything from you, I have no hidden agenda. I have no motives. I do not seek to gain anything. I do not have a void to fill, I am whole and complete and perfect as I am, I seek only to add joy to all my interactions, I am the icing on your cake, you can live without me, but life is so much nicer with me. And yet as a giver, I allow myself to receive. Giving and receiving a natural flow of energy from divine to divine.

Who am I?

I cherish your freedom, I do not need to own you, or change you or make you more like I am. I celebrate our differences, enjoy our similarities, I see beliefs as an individual thing, neither side is right nor wrong, they just ‘Are’.

Who am I?

I don’t do ‘Petty’, and mind games are not for me. I am open and honest in all interactions, life is easier that way. I do not hold back. Moments are precious and fleeting. If I think you look nice I tell you. If I think you are amazing, I tell you. I give you my time. I know I have nothing to lose by helping you to feel good or helping you move forward towards your success. I do not torment myself endlessly with thoughts of what will people think if I say that, do that, or see myself as being foolish. If what I say or do will make you feel better, then I don’t think twice, I don’t hold back, if it won’t, then I won’t say it…. I won’t do it. Everything for the Greater Highest Good…my choices are easy.

Who am I?

I celebrate your freedom, your independence, your autonomy, your empowerment, I have no need to control you or keep you down, we are equal, I want you to walk beside me always. I want to witness your unfolding, your blossoming into the wonderful being that you are becoming, not because I want it to be, but because it is your time to blossom. I am the same with all, stranger, friend or foe. I am consistent and reliable and predictable with all and in all situations.

So who am I?

I am ‘Unconditional Love’, and I am ‘Unconditionally Yours’ any moment you choose me.


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