My Poetry

My Remedy

Written By Paula O’Sullivan


If only I could lay awake,

‘neath the vast expanse of star studded sky,

the universe my cares could take,

along with my sobs and sighs,

I know my soul would come alive

and be revived once more,

if I could spend some time

watching the sun rising

on a deserted shore,


oh ! how nature calls to me,


it’s for my weary heart a balm,

it soothes away all my ills,

and restores my sea to calm.




How to play the game of life

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

 Life isn’t about

who wins or loses,

it’s how you play the game,

when you view your

life like this,

things will never

be the same.


There are no limits

on love my friend,

you can never

love enough,

when we don’t see things

this way

we make our lives

so tough.


You can never

give enough either

there’s another lesson for you

give all you’ve got,

then give some more

that’s what you could do.


Show up and shine,

be a light,

be a beacon

of hope

within the night.


When you’re stumbling

in the darkness

trying to get through

reach down your


to pull another through.


 Be the kind of person

you would like

to meet-

always give your smile

to someone

walking down the



Life is for living,

this is not a

rehearsal friend,

life is very short

we’ll soon

reach it’s end,

so make the most

of now,

be the nicest

you can be,

unlock the chains

of old conditioning,

and set your soul free.



Conversation with the Universe

Paula O’Sullivan


Hello moon,

I’m back again,

remember me

from before?

I know I should

be wishing

on a star,

but it’s you

that I prefer.


I’m here to ask

for the same

old things

that I did last time,

could you send

someone into

my life

so loving and divine?


What do you mean

all I wish for

is already mine?

you’re telling me

if I look within

I’ll find

a love

so fine?


Are you telling

me moon

that I should

start by loving me?


I think you’re a loon,

Mr. Moon,

so I’ll go away,

I’ll go see

Mr. Star,

to see what he

has to say.


Hello Twinkle,

how are you?

I’ll like to ask

you if I may,

‘How can I get


to be grateful

to me everyday?



What do you mean

I must give more,

what kinda thing is

that to say?

Are you telling me

that I must

learn to give

before I can receive?

Is this the meaning

that I perceive?


Well I think

you’re crazy

Mr. Star,

no wonder

you live out so far,

you obviously

haven’t got a clue –

good day to you!


‘Can you help me

Mr. Mars?

I don’t know what to do,

I don’t have

any friends,

not even

one or two.

‘Can you help me Mr. Mars?

Tell me what to do’


What do you mean

to make some friends

I have to

be one too?

That all I seek

is inside of me,

that I can make

my dreams come true?


Are you telling me

that I can change

my life

anytime I wanted to?

and to just

believe in me

is all I have to do?


Mr. Mars,

I think I’ll go

far, far, away from you,

you’re as gone in the head,

as are the other two!


What was I thinking?

I must be mad

sure isn’t it alright

If I’m sad,

I should have known better

than to converse,

with this crazy universe.


And then I heard the voices

of the crazy trio,

they said,

you may not

believe in us,

but we

believe in you !


And so began

another day

with this conversation

in my head

and suddenly

it made some sense,

as I got out of bed.


So I thought

I’d share their


with all of you

so love yourself,

be a friend

and be grateful too,

you may not believe in me,




My world’s a mirror

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


My world’s a mirror,

and I can see,

all I am,

reflecting back at me.


I will reap,

what I sow,

so in my worldly garden

what will I grow?


If I plant the

seeds of hate,

I’ll have sorrow,

at my gate.


If I plant

the seeds of love,

I’ll always have blue skies

up above,

for no black clouds will follow me,

if I give my all to thee.


My world’s a mirror,

and I can see,

me in you,

and you in me.


So I reach out to

you my dear,

the reflection in my mirror

is clear,

no more shadows,

no more fears,

no more sadness, no more tears.


I know that

if I shine my light

in my mirror

I’ll see,

that it’ll reflect

right back at me!


So if you standest

in the darkness


don’t complain

shine your light




Parting thoughts

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


No unkept grave for me,

scatter my ashes among the trees,

set my soul and body free.


I may be gone,

gone out of sight,

but think of me,

on a starry moonlit night,


or think of me in an autumn breeze

I’ll be dancing with the coloured leaves.


Don’t feel low

for I’ll feel high,

look for me in the sunset sky.


Look for me,

when the wind bends the trees,

that’s when I’ll feel most free,

I’ll love those winds caressing me.


Look for me in all things glad and gay,

seek me out on a summers day.


Don’t feel sorrowful,

just be glad,

think of the good times that we had.


It’s part of the cycle,

that life will cease,

but think of the rest…

the sighful peace.


Listen for my voice in the robin’s song,

and remember darling, it won’t be long,


In life or death,

we’ll still be friends,


there’s always beginnings,

and there’s always an end,


in no time at all, we’ll be together again.


….But in the meantime,

life goes on,

get on with your life,

and try to be strong

life is for living,

I hope you live long.


Let go of the sorrow,

the sadness,

the pain…


and soon you’ll find love,

and laughter again.



Walk beside me

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


I do not wish to own you,

I want to tell you that I care,

I want you to know

that if you’re in darkness,

just reach out your hand,

you’ll find mine there.


I do not seek to

change your mind,

or make you more like me,

I just wish to show you,

there’s another side

of this world

that we can see.


We are really only

moments of awareness apart,

so I’d like to share

what’s in my heart.


Come walk beside me

on the path of life awhile,

I’ll show you many

reasons to smile.


There is a different

world out there,

one that we can

all share,

it’s free from shadows,

fear and pain,

you’ll never view

your life

the same again.


Come walk with me

let’s discuss,

all the similarities

that are

between us.


We are the same

under the stars

moon and sun,

we all live

and breathe

we all are one.


When we learn to love one another

we will walk together,

heart to heart,

like sister and brother.


So come with me,

learn to love,

give grateful thanks,

for all you have,

see the world

the way I do,

there’s plenty of love,

for me and you.



The Angels Visit

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


My angels came to call,

and every step I took,

they spread their wings below my feet,

so that I wouldn’t fall.


They came in many guises,

and at first I didn’t recognise,

but it soon became very clear who they were,

when I looked into their eyes.


Some of them were strangers,

offering a friendly smile

that lifted my spirit,

as I walked a lonely mile.


And some came out of nowhere,

offering kind words, gestures and deeds,

I wonder did they know the good they did,

and of the sad soul they’d healed.


Others were the friends

who called,

just as I was feeling low,

and helped me see

there’s more to life,

than what we think we know.


So if you’re one of those angels,

I’d like to say thank you,

I’m very grateful for your love

and your kindness too,

you came to call

 just when I needed you.



Hang on in there

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


Oh please hang on,

hang on in there

dear friend,

even though things

may seem tattered and torn

at your end.


Oh please hang on,

don’t take fright,

even though it

may seem

like night,

look for me,

I’ll be your light.


I’ll shine for you

my dear friend,

I’ll be there for you

til the end,

on my support,

you can depend.


Don’t feel lonely,

don’t feel sad,

things aren’t always

really that bad,

sometimes we make

things worse

you see,

when we let our thoughts

of worry and fear

run free.


Oh dear friend,

don’t feel blue,

don’t you know

I’m there for you?

I’ll help you

any way I can



Take my hand

dear friend,

walk with me,

we’ll build each

other up slowly,

together we’ll get


day by day,

take my hand

dear friend,

don’t walk away.


My Loving Friends

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


Thinking of my loving friends,

I smile from ear to ear,

I must tell you all,

that you are very dear,

you cheer me up when I am down,

you are all very near,

even though sometimes far away,

in my thoughts

you’ll always stay.

My friends are gifts,

and my heart lifts,

every time I think of you,

for you stuck with me through it all-

the good and the bad,

you’re the best friends,

I ever had.



Soul View

Written by Paula O’Sullivan


I’m looking at your soul,

dear friend,

outer appearances

don’t mean much to me,


It’s what you have

within my friend,

that really counts

with me.


Are you filled with radiance?

does your soul shine

for all to see?

are you the nicest person

that you could possibly be?


Do you mean what

 you say,

my friend,

or are there more sides

of you to see?


Are you kind

for kindness sake,

or are there motives

hidden within thee?


Are you really grateful

or just being polite?

Do you sleep in peace

when day is done,

or toss and turn

throughout the night?


Do you

love yourself

or is it really

just an act?



When people say

you’re a lovely


is it fiction or a fact?


Well none of us is

perfect friend,

even when we do

shine bright

there are still

some dark corners

within us

that we may need

to set right.


It’s never too late

my dear friend,

if some of our soul is worn

we can always, mend.


So don’t curl up

and cry with sorrow,

review your dark corners

at end of day,

 and shine your light, in them




Loves Lament

Written by Paula O’Sullivan



Do not lament

the loves you lost,

cheerfully let them go,

they were not meant for you

my dear,

there’s still things

for you to know.


Do not lament the might have beens,

it was not meant to be,

unlock your chains of misery,

and set your heart free.


Come here my dear

and walk with me,

life’s got so many things to show,

so many things will challenge you,

but if you let them

they’ll make you grow.


Come here my dear,

dry your eyes,

don’t be so sad,

life is full of many things,

not all good or bad.


Walk calmly through the midst of this,

look within for your happiness,

stroll happily through life

one step at a time,

you’ll soon attract your bliss!

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