What is the Truth?

May 19, 2013
What is the truth? I’ve been pondering this for quite a while now. We stand here with our beliefs and we think that is the truth, just because we believe it ? Let us look from a higher perspective.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly… in your mind imagine your body becomes weightless and you feel yourself rising high, high up into the sky, above the planet Earth into space. And you look down, and you see all the peoples of the Earth, and you see that they like you have beliefs that they too think are the truth. However their truths are not the same as yours. Does that mean that they are all wrong? Does that mean that you are wrong? What can this mean? You look closer and you see that some are angry because others don’t believe the same as them, some people are killing and being killed, there is a lot of pain being caused here. There is very little acceptance of others beliefs if they differ. You realize that the people are afraid that if they accept another’s beliefs, that, that might make them wrong somehow. You see that they are being led by their minds, not their hearts, and their minds are encased in fears. They are living in an illusion of fear. That has not been created by a God, a Spirit or a Creator. It has been created by mankind itself. And this illusion of Truth is separating them, not connecting them.

You scan the Earth a bit more closely now and you see that what they are all believing to be their truth is merely just information that they have received. You hear all the conflicting ideas, like someone is changing a radio channel, on one Programme they believe this, and on another channel, they believe something else, and you develop a greater understanding of the confusion the people are faced with, and why some grasp one notion, while another grasps onto something else. Some are told what to believe and what to think, some arrive at a belief on their own. Yet you still have not discovered the truth.

So you guide yourself back gently to Earth, and as you come nearer, you marvel at the splendor of the blueness of the oceans, at the greenness of the trees, the grass, the colours of the flowers, the expanse of the sky, you breathe deeply the life giving air, the scent of the earth…. you ponder on all you have witnessed… and you suddenly realize that you were looking for the truth in the wrong place. It was right here in front of you all along.

Perhaps the truth is in the trees, in the Earth, in the flowers, in the birdsong. And you realize that long after you and your imagined truth has expired, that this is the only truth that will really survive eternally.

But hey…. wait a minute… isn’t that just my truth I just shared with you? Does this mean that I am right? Does this mean that I am wrong? NEITHER ! This is an opinion, not a fact. However if you step outside for just a moment, find yourself a tree and look at it closely. What do you realize? I’ll tell you what I realized. A tree is just a tree, you cannot argue the fact… and I am just another vehicle of light just like you… sharing what I think is the truth !




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