Climbing Out of the Abyss – Part 23

July 11, 2017

Divided Mind – Taming the Ego

By Paula O’Sullivan


Taming Ego

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‘We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul’ – Deepak Chopra

 In order to tame the ego, we must first know a little bit about it, and why anyone would even want to tame it. Notice I said tame, and not destroy it, as we need it in some ways to know ourselves as an individual. If you look in the dictionary, you may very well be still confused as to what it is. It is described as; a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance, the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity, and, a conscious thinking subject. Interesting descriptions.

There are many ancient stories that refer to the beginning of the ego / divided mind, in mankind. Some relate to Atlantis, the Annunaki, and the creator gods. There are references in the bible too.  The Adam and Eve story refers to the creation of the Adamic and Eve race and the subsequent division of mind and the discovery of good and evil, or more appropriately, awareness and unawareness. Apparently the original souls that came to earth, were of a higher consciousness and were fully aware. The duality or division of mind that ego created, led us out of paradise, not poor Eve! We’re in paradise or heaven when we’re fully aware, we’re in hell when we’re not! I’ll explain more about this in a future article.

To make it easier to understand, let’s consider that Ego stands for Edging God / or Goodness Out. If we were like the original souls, before the fall, we would have a higher consciousness and awareness of ourselves and others. We would make more decisions and choices based on love and compassion. We would only see the connections between souls. We would recognize the similarities we all share in this earth school.

Well the good news is, that we are like the original souls, we all have an inherent goodness in us, a light, an awareness, a conscience, or Con – Science (science of the heart)

However for a long, long time we have been conditioned to exist from the perspective of the ego.

The ego is our lower, baser self, it’s all about the ‘Me’ part of us, and self – preservation. The higher part of ourselves, the ‘I’ is the soul, and is about the interconnectedness of all things.

How were we conditioned?

We’ve been encouraged to believe in borders, flags, nationalities, patriotism, and differences. Cautioned to ignore our intuition (tuition from within) and to be skeptic of it. The religious and political stories we’ve been told have separated us from ourselves and others. All arguments, all wars spring from ego, the need to be right at all costs.

We were told Eve was to blame, this started a patriarchal system that is still alive and kicking today.  Women are still being treated as second class citizens around the world. Yes the men did and still do terrible things, they have been conditioned that way. Women do awful things too. In unawareness, in ego mind, we are separated from our soul’s highest intentions.

We were told that the God we believe in is outside of us, and that we’re not worthy enough to even gather up the crumbs from under the table of that entity. If we were encouraged to believe that entity was within each of us, we might just feel it important to respect everyone. We’d all be sacred then wouldn’t we?

Far too many of us were brought up mostly in an unloving manner, with a social myth about ‘sparing the rod and spoiling the child’. We now know that this way of parenting creates people who are unable to love, to connect to themselves and others. It creates people who are dependent and prone to depression, suicide and addictions. It creates people who feel they are flawed, disconnected and unworthy.

Our school systems are primarily geared towards left brained learning. Most of it is academic, analytical, rational stuff. From an early age our minds are crammed with useless shite, of little or no use in our everyday lives after we leave. We are taught to listen and repeat, and not taught to think and reason for ourselves.

We are taught to ridicule the imagination. ‘It’s only your imagination’- (you’re just a feckin looney!)

Perhaps psychology was introduced to highlight and control those fucked up individuals among us who didn’t conform to left brain conditioning. If you’re a right brained creative or psychic etc. you’ll be seen as a weirdo, more separation. Don’t worry if this depresses you, they have a pill for that!

Look around you at your world if you don’t believe me for proof of ego mind in action. Poverty, hunger, greed, wars, bigotry, racism, sectarianism, pollution, slavery, crimes, mental health issues (gentle souls get depressed, in this unloving world of ego. You rarely hear of egotistical psychopaths getting depressed do you?) Pornography (this separates males and females from forming connected sacred sexual relationships) and on and on the list goes!

Is this the kind of world we want for ourselves and our children and grandchildren?

So how do we tame our ego, how do we begin to heal the divided mind?

  • Learn to love, accept and respect yourself, then you’ll begin to love accept and respect others, you will see the connection between us all.
  • Start to value your imagination. It’s the greatest gift we’ve all been given, use it wisely and only allow what you would like to happen into it. Know that what you wish for others, you wish for yourself.
  • Pay attention to your intuition and your conscience, that’s your soul prompting you to other alternative more aware choices.
  • If you are in two minds about some decision, ask how this will affect all concerned, if it hurts or harms another person or being, choose carefully.
  • Practice using your right brain. Stories, music, art, being creative, exploring imagination etc. We need both sides of our brain, we’re like an aeroplane flying on one wing otherwise.
  • Meditate, and listen to the promptings of your higher self. There is a wiser, less mean part of us. We can be cold hearted beasts or warm hearted angels, or somewhere in between.
  • Catch yourself trying to be right, trying to win at the cost of another, trying to destroy someone else, by gossiping etc. Catch yourself out.
  • Find the ‘I’ that is observing the ‘Me’ Find the wiser self, watch the ego play its little games.

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Climbing Out of the Abyss – Part 11

March 2, 2015

The Happiness Ratio


‘At any moment, you have a choice that leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it. Letting go, gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness, if in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions, we cannot be free’ – Thich Nhat Hanh

There have been many researchers claiming to have found a mathematical formula for finding happiness. Some said the ratio was three positives to every one negative, and others claimed that the ratio was five positives to a negative in order to be happy and flourish. But how can anyone really measure such a thing? We are all responding to things in our own unique way, based on our individual experiences.

Personally I found in times of crises, when I was feeling low and overwhelmed, it was very difficult to find any positives. When we’re feeling low, we have a distorted perception of things, everything seems to be going wrong, and knowing about the ratio doesn’t necessarily help to make it any better.

However as I practiced becoming aware of my thoughts (part 1) and by developing my emotional intelligence (part 9) I discovered that I could change my perception. That as I changed my thoughts about things, the things I thought about changed, in a way. I saw that a situation was just a situation, I could think about it in many ways, which could affect how I felt about it. I could be either miserable or happy.

I found that by cultivating an attitude of gratitude in everything, that I was able to tip the balance. I was able to become happy regardless of what happened. Suddenly my awareness was focused on all that was going right in my life, even though it could easily have seemed like a shambles. I would shift my focus again and again each time. I would just keep asking myself, ‘Tell me one thing that’s going right… great now another… now another’ Then my mind would focus on all that was missing, that it thought I needed to be happy. So I would shift my focus to all that I did have, even though at times it wasn’t much. I’ve been lucky enough to always have clothes to wear, to have a roof over my head, some money, no matter how meagre and some food to eat. So by viewing it from that perspective, I was luckier than some. I could be grateful about that.

And like the quote at the start of the article says, we have a choice in any moment to move closer to our spirit or away from it. Your spirit sees life as an adventure with different opportunities to learn and grow from your experiences.

It is our attachment through our thoughts about things that keeps us from finding happiness. You can find happiness right now, this moment if you wish, by just enveloping yourself in gratitude for all that you do have right now, it turns everything into more than enough. And yes the personality will always want something more, will always want things to be different right now, but you get to choose what you want to put your focus on, and if those things make you feel good, you will have found your happiness ratio.

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Climbing Out Of the Abyss Part 3

August 6, 2014

How Foods Affect Moods


In parts 1 and 2, I discussed how by changing our thoughts, we can change the way we feel, and by imagining positive mind movies we can create an easier way to see ourselves coping with depression.

In this, part 3, I’d like to share what I’ve learnt about how foods can affect our moods and health.

When I was depressed, I only ate because it was a necessity to stay alive. I had no interest in cooking. I consumed mostly processed, high sugar, or fast microwavable foods. I often got bursts of energy and then a slump, which would take me ages to recover from.

Foods contain amino acids that go directly to the brain. These form chemicals that can produce positive or negative moods and affect energy levels. Dopamine is a positive brain chemical. It elevates our moods. It activates the metabolism, which helps to establish a healthy weight. It helps the brain generate the energy it needs, it stimulates the heart, regulates the flow of information through our brains, and it controls movement. Dopamine production is boosted by the consumption of foods, especially those containing the amino acid tyrosine.

Some of the foods that will make you feel good for longer are fresh organic fruits and veg, flaxseeds, free range chicken, turkey, eggs and fish (watch out for mercury) Reduce or eliminate sugary, processed or fatty foods, these stimulate acetylcholine, a negative chemical, which will make you feel bad.

Gluten or wheat in our diets cuts off the blood flow to the frontal cortex in our brain, and affects how we digest our food, which contributes to depression, concentration and digestive issues. It is also linked to the condition schizophrenia. Studies showed full or partial reversal of symptoms when some people cut out gluten and wheat, or were supplemented with a dietary supplement glycine, under test conditions! Processed gluten-free foods are not healthier for you, they have substitutes such as rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch. These foods have high glycemic indexes, so when people eat them, their blood sugar spikes.

Our bodies are made of 70 -80% water, and if we’re not drinking enough, we’ll feel low moods and experience pains and fatigue. Tap water contains a lot of heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic and fluoride. The fluoride is a halogen, it competes for and displaces the body’s iodine which is essential for a healthy thyroid. Clinical studies in the 70’s, based on giving fluoride as a medication, either by tablet, or a daily dose, 1 part per million, equivalent to one glass of water a day, found it could destroy the thyroid gland. Fluoride is a neuro toxin and it suppresses the natural release of serotonin and melatonin. It contributes to issues of depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, sleep problems, arthritic type symptoms, osteoporosis, thyroid issues, low IQ, fibromyalgia and more!

Drinking bottled water which has no fluoride in it, or getting a reverse osmosis fluoride filter system installed, is a worthwhile health investment. You can buy fluoride free waters from Tesco: Ashbeck, Perthshire and Highland Spring, Lidl sell: Carrig Glenn, and other shops sell Willow Water, Tipperary Water, Volvic, Evian and Vittale.

Teas, including green and black, can have approx. 3 parts per million fluoride, per cup. One should not exceed 4ppm per day. Try herbal teas or green juicing. We also absorb fluoride from toothpaste and rinses too.

In part 4: Disassociating from painful memories.

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Climbing Out of the Abyss (Part 2)

August 3, 2014

Positive Mind Movies

‘Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think’

Benjamin Disraeli (quote)



In part 1, I shared how if we change our thoughts, we can change how we feel. Most people think it works the other way around. They feel depressed and they wait for the feeling to pass, and it may or may not. Being aware of types of thoughts though, at least offers you a choice in the matter. Oh I’m not saying this is going be a fast and easy thing for you. We all have good and bad days where we’re more or less able to deal with stuff.  Checking our thoughts can be tiring. But choose a day when you feel up to it, and then begin.

Also when we are depressed, we play disaster movies in our minds. We can’t picture ourselves coping, or of things working out for us. Here’s a little exercise for you to create positive mind movies instead. Write down how you do want to feel. What do you want your life to look like and how do you want to see yourself coping with whatever happens in your life. I would often call up an image of myself as a strong survivor, admittedly sometimes it was of me standing on one plank, barely afloat, with one arm waving a flag, but hey I was still standing, I was still here! We need to keep our sense of humour!

Close your eyes, imagine a private movie theatre with a freeze frame of you on the screen. You are safe here. Choose a scenario that you want to be better in. How do you want to see yourself acting? How do you want to feel? What do you want to look and sound like? Now press play and practice seeing, feeling and hearing the new you. Press pause, think of what you want to change. Then rewind fast, pause and play the new scene. Repeat the scene a few times and then press save. Anytime the disaster movie comes on in your mind, eject and play the new movie instead. Keep improving on what you want. If you can see it in your mind then you’re already halfway there. When you are comfortable with what’s in your mind, you can then start to practice it in your life.

You probably weren’t born depressed, so if that’s the case, then you acquired a certain way of thinking that has affected you. Each thought, forms and strengthens a neural pathway and reinforces that way of thinking, which affects your behaviour and beliefs. Well you can reverse that, it just takes some time.

Another thing I found useful were affirmations, short positive sentences, like ‘Each and every day, I get better, and better in every way’ I wrote them out on post it notes and stuck them everywhere. Every time I started to feel a bit low, one of them would catch my eye, and remind me that I wanted to feel better, and I would imagine feeling what I wanted to feel. I would repeat them a few times when I awoke, and again when I was drifting off to sleep. This is your body’s natural hypnotic state, your mind is in alpha theta brainwave, and is very susceptible to suggestion, so be kind to your mind at these times!

In Part 3 How Foods Affect Moods

Paula is an Author / Hypnotherapist / Reiki Healer, based in Blessington, Co Wicklow

Climbing Out of the Abyss – Coping with Depression (Part 1)

August 2, 2014

‘Every thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and I don’t think I am winning anymore’ – Author unknown


Have you ever visited the Abyss? I’ve been there more than a few times in my life, and I’ve never once sent a postcard with ‘Wish you were here’ on it! It’s not a good place to be! I was depressed most of my life until about 2010 when I learned some techniques. I’ve never been on medication for it. Sometimes it is necessary though, so always consult your doctor and don’t go rushing off to drop your medications after reading this, which can be dangerous. These suggestions can be incorporated whether on medication or not. I just want to share with you what has helped me.

To change anything, first you’ve got to decide that you want to feel different, better and happier. You’ve got to want this more than the depression. Second, you need to become aware of the types of thoughts you’re having. There are two ways of thinking.

The worst way: To remain in a depressed state we have to focus on all that is going wrong or has gone wrong, keep thinking negative thoughts, have thoughts of self- blame, perceived failures, have lack of faith in the future or have negative expectations. We have to focus on the worst that could happen, to criticise ourselves and tell ourselves things like ‘I can’t’  and ‘I doubt it’, which inevitably will lead to overwhelming feelings of despair, hopelessness, fear and lack of control. We have to not accept the reality of present, past or possible future situations.

The best way: To escape the cycle of depression we must begin to think in a better way. The best way focuses on accepting the reality. ‘Ok, I don’t like what happened to me or what is happening, or I don’t know what will happen to me, but how best can I cope with that reality, right now, where I am, with what I have ? What is the best thing I can do right now? And if there is no action I can take, how best can I survive right now? What is going right? What do I actually have right now? When we ask our minds the right questions, it opens the door to our subconscious mind, which has all the answers. You will find yourself picturing yourself coping in the best possible way. You will ask yourself, ‘How do I want to be feeling, coping, living?’ What would that feel like? Is there anything I can do, no matter how small, to help me feel like that now? How would my life be different if I wasn’t depressed? And could I handle that?’

This can throw up surprising answers. If there is something you can’t deal with in your life, the body will perceive that as a threat to the balance of health. It will express that threat in some way, ie depression, illness etc. It’s like the dashboard warning light in a car. It’s drawing your attention to something in your life that needs to be dealt with. Change the way you think about the situation, and you can reverse the symptom. Sometimes we do too much damage and may not be able to repair it, but we can certainly still make conditions better than they were.

In part 2, I will share techniques for creating positive mind movies.

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Painful Awakening

July 6, 2012


Something’s not right is it? You’ve known it for quite a while now haven’t you? But you can’t quite put your finger on it, can you?

Life is a daily drudge, sleeping and waking, trying to fill the big void. There is something missing, but you don’t know what it is, and what you try to fill the void with, isn’t working, is it? The pain is still there. Something is wrong.

The drugs no longer give you the high you needed, the pain and unease are still there, even after a night of heavy drinking, oh you escaped it for a while, but now its back isn’t it? The addictions don’t fulfil the need you have anymore, but you don’t really know what that need is anyway. The casual sex isn’t doing it for you either… and the porn… well, you’ve gone so past your initial comfort zone… desensitised yourself so much, that you hardly recognize who you are anymore. The depression is getting worse not better. You’re in pain, you’re ill, the medication doesn’t work and all they do is keep handing you more and more pills, and tell you to go away, and you wonder where will it all end?

Yet each and every day is the same, one dull moment after another, interspersed with thoughts of the next high, the next drug, the next drink, the next encounter, the next pill… life has no meaning has it ? Sure don’t you need this stuff? What else is there?

But the pain keeps chasing you, and you run, and you run to escape it, but you can’t, it’s like your shadow, clinging closer and closer, becoming more and more restricting the more you try to run from it…. until you crash and burn or….

Until the day you turn and face this thing, it will never leave you.

This is the day of painful awakening, when you wake up, and say I want something different, I don’t know what, I don’t know how, but something has to change here. I can’t go on like this.

And you’re standing there in the void of your own making, and you’re lost and alone and scared out of your wits, because the familiar is still calling you, and your pain is great, but you know, you just know that the fear of the unknown and the fear of what it entails, will have to battle with that old way of being in your world, before you can move on.

And most of us don’t know how to move on, people don’t understand what we’re going through, they don’t know our secrets, how many would stay with us if they did? Very few I gather. So you’re alone, and afraid and suddenly vulnerable in the shadow of your pain, no one can help you now, but yourself.

Are you strong enough? Ask for strength… yes you’re strong enough, it’s inside you all along… you’ve come this far… yes you’re strong…. ask for it… see yourself coping… see yourself  being strong… ask for it…. feel that strength… that determination seeping into every cell… every fibre of your being… feel it…

Identify your needs… what do you really want? Everything we do has a form of payback, whether it is something we are aware of consciously or unconsciously, otherwise we wouldn’t do it… think about it….

What are the drugs / drink giving you? A high, an escape from a mundane world? Try science, try nature, have you walked in the rain yet and enjoyed it, allowed the rain to fall on your face, on your skin, looked into a raindrop and saw the world in it? Got high on the scents of damp earth and wet foliage, or the scent of newly cut grass, have you ever sat under the moon and stars and wondered at the awesomeness of it all? Have you every really looked at a flower, an insect, a sunset and felt something indescribably beautiful welling up inside of you? Have you ever noticed the wind caressing your skin? There is a bigger high, a bigger escape that can be found, if we take the time to look for it, and sometimes it just finds us, we just have to be aware and open to it.

What is your pain, illness, disease or depression giving you? An excuse? An opt out clause from living? Attention of some sort? A veil to hide behind? Have you ever thought about it? What are you resisting? What are you not accepting in your life? What have you not dealt with emotionally? Who have you not forgiven? Who are you still angry at? Acceptance is the beginning of the end of pain. What we resist, persists until we accept and let it go. What are you still taking personal? What are you still hanging on to, that is causing your depression, your illness, your dis ease, your pain? I know people who have been told they would die young, but they are still alive, I know of people who were told they’d lost the use of limbs forever, yet they can use them now. I know of people who were told they’d never walk again, yet they do. And I also know of people who believed the doctors and they died, or they are still ill, not only with one illness, but a fine collection of maladies, which keeps them happy in a painful way. Please forgive me, some of you are getting angry, protesting, a normal response, some illness etc cannot be healed, oh I know that, but think about this more deeply when your anger subsides. What is it giving you? What is the payback? What would have to be different in your life if you hadn’t got that issue? What would your life require of you? Our body will tell us what part of us needs attention, our subconscious mind will express any perceived threat to the inner balance of our body in some way, shape or form. What is it stopping you from doing? Does that question make you comfortable or uncomfortable? Become aware.

What is sex or porn giving you? I’m not talking about loving sex here by the way. I’m talking about multiple partners. Is it just for company? You can’t bear to be on your own? Don’t you like yourself, your own company, your own thoughts? Perhaps you have a need to release tension, frustration, anger? Perhaps you can’t allow yourself to get close to someone, to connect with them deeply, it’s easier to see people as an object, then you can disconnect quicker, walk away, next please. You might have to lose something of yourself if you connect mightn’t you? Sex and desires are of the Ego part of our minds, they always want to get something, they always fear that we can lose something, so the giving a part of ourselves doesn’t come into it. It’s all about getting. Fear is great in all of this. Ego wants the next great excitement, it’s always looking for more, and nothing ever satisfies this part of us. Nothing will ever be enough.  You’ve tried sexuality, have you tried sensuality? Tantra? It awakens a deeper part of us, a more satisfying part. Have you really looked into the eyes of your lover, seen their soul and let them see yours?… Oh it’s scary… it’s uncomfortable at first… you feel more vulnerable than if you were naked with a stranger… it’s disquieting… oh but how you can connect… oh but how you can know that person without the words. Have you ever just held hands? Noticed the warmth of their skin, have you ever really looked closely at the person you’re with? The magazines and the videos and the images will never even come close to the feeling of euphoria, inner joy and contentment this can bring.

Another form of escapism from pain is the TV; we don’t have to think when we watch it. We can opt out of life so easily. We sit for hours in trance watching stupid programmes, all these things keep us stuck… they all have some form of payback and most of us are happily or unhappily unaware that there is another way. When you see that you have a choice and you can consciously do something towards making a different choice, that’s when things will change, that’s when you’ll get different results, that’s when you’ll see that life does not actually have any meaning…. Until we give it some ourselves! Welcome to your painful awakening if you choose it! The choice is yours! Choose consciously!

Wake up to what the ‘F’ is in our water – Fluoride is a dirty word

April 21, 2012

Written by Paula O’Sullivan  (RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, MIHA)


Would any of us in our right minds willingly subject ourselves, or our friends or family to daily doses of arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum or silicon?

I’m reckoning that there are a lot of ‘NO WAYS’ out there in response to my question.

So I have to ask you ‘Then why are you allowing yourselves to be subjected to it?’ Analysis from the Eastern Health Authority in Ireland found all of the above and more in our water. Oh yes and wait a moment… let me introduce you to Fluoride. This is not a scare tactic; I merely want to raise awareness of something that we have become so carelessly complacent about.

Fluoride is not the natural, necessary, innocent water additive that we’ve been led to believe is good for our teeth. It’s actually a by- product of the hazardous waste industry (Aluminum and Phosphates) yes it’s industrial waste. It is not legally permitted to dispose of it into our oceans or rivers by International law, as the agent in it is Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid (H2SiF6) it is actually listed as a poison. This is also the main ingredient of rat poison and Prozac. And yes even the synthetically manufactured products that some authorities purchase for addition to our water supplies still contain arsenic. Somehow though it has become widely acceptable to dispose of it into our drinking water mmmmm???

Now some of you are probably thinking ‘So what’ This issue has been debated for a long number of years now and we’re tired of it.  Well if so, let me ask you another question. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Because in all the years that our water has been fluoridated, there have been no proper health studies on the effects of prolonged exposure to this poison to actually prove it’s safe.

There have however been numerous studies which findings linked Fluoridation with increased causes of Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Hypothyroidism, Kidney Disease, Arthritis, Bone Fractures, Neurological illnesses, IQ and learning issues in children, Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis, Depression etc. It has been proven to be an enzyme poison.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Aluminum sulfate is also added to the water, and this creates a chemical reaction which allows the aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier and creates neurotoxicity in the brain.  Studies into the effects of prolonged exposure to arsenic even in small doses have also shown increased links with these illnesses. Our bodies perceive these chemicals as a threat, and the body reacts accordingly. Our cells can only either be in Growth or in Protection. When in protection they close off to all stimuli and basically our immune system stops functioning properly, hence this is where illness gets a hold. Search out Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Perception video on you tube which explains all about this.

The reason why exposure to Fluoride over a period of time leaves us susceptible to these illnesses and more, is that it has been discovered that Fluoride accumulates in our bodies and creates functional disturbances in blood plasma, but its highest accumulations are to be found in the pineal gland. This tiny gland which is found in the brain area directly behind the eyes is essential for producing the hormone Melatonin which not only affects the onset of puberty but it also protects our body from cell damage from free radicals. So Fluoride is actually undermining our body’s natural ability to keep us disease free. And yes in my research I discovered many things that can tip this natural balance, from diet, lifestyle, negative thought patterns and perceptions, stress, other chemicals in our food, and in personal products, unresolved emotional conflicts etc, but hey why add to it unnecessarily with our drinking water. Our bodies have over 70,000 cells which are made up of up to 80% water, and in order to function properly we need to drink an approximate of eight glasses of water every day, this number rises with exercise etc.

Now as I mentioned previously there have been no studies on the effects of taking this basic amount, let alone has it been taken into account what happens if people drink more of it, or how we are affected when we use it in our cooking, or the fact that it gets absorbed into our body when we shower or bathe, or swim in a pool, not to mention that the foodstuffs we eat may have used water containing Fluoride in the preparation or manufacturing. Pesticides also contain Fluoride and they are sprayed on fruit and vegetables. The beer we drink, some of the Irish bottled waters contain Fluoride too, plus mouth rinses and toothpastes. These products contain enough fluoride to kill a child under nine years of age. (approx. 1000 – 1500 parts per million of fluoride, compare this to 1 part per million which is in every glass of water, and which has been proven to cause illness) And even though we don’t deliberately swallow the toothpaste or rinses, it actually seeps into the body through our Salvia. Under the tongue is a quick entry into the body for medication, for example, ask anyone who has had to take drops or had to put an aspirin there, the effects are quick.

I have also found some research regarding the effects of Aluminum on Alzheimer’s disease which I need to bring your awareness to as Aluminum Sulphate is also in our water. Aluminum toothpaste tubes actually leach aluminum into the toothpaste and while some tubes are now plastic, you need to be aware of this. Also Aluminum cookware leaches aluminium into foods and water. This is quoted from a report called ‘Fluoride in Drinking Water Increases Toxicity of Aluminum’ ‘Fluoridation will result in aluminum fluoride complexes which will enhance neurotoxicity or that fluoride itself will enhance uptake and synergise the toxicity of the aluminum’

It has also been discovered that using Fluoridated water in aluminum pots etc when boiling water actually and alarmingly leaches approx 200 parts per million of aluminum into the water in just 10 minutes. Prolonged boiling created 600 parts per million. No leaching was found when non fluoridated water was used. A point to note also, is that some kettles have aluminum elements in them.

Fluoridation in the water has also been linked with depression as it affects those parts of our brains. Declan Waugh has written a report titled ‘Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation’, in which he discusses the links with depression.  He presented his findings to Bandon Town Council on May 8th 2012, and there was a unanimous vote to review Fluoridation. Declan’s report also successfully raised enough awareness in some American states recently, enough for them to stop Fluoridating the water until some proper safety studies have been carried out. You can read Declan’s report yourself at the end of this article.

There is a warning on the toothpaste boxes not to swallow Fluoride, and that even a pea sized amount should be considered an emergency, luckily most children vomit automatically when they do swallow it. However the equivalent of that pea sized amount of Fluoride can be found approximately in every glass of water we digest. Although it could be more, how do we know exactly?

It’s time to wake up to the fact that not is all as it seems. Since the 1960’s here in Ireland we have been programmed to believe that Fluoride in our water was a good thing to have. We were told it was good for our teeth and that it would prevent tooth decay. Studies have shown that there is no need to ingest Fluoride, as it works topically not systemically. Dr. William Hirzy, Vice President of the EPA Union says in relation to Fluoride ‘If you want to prevent sunburn you don’t drink suntan lotion, you put it on your skin, and so if you want to have the benefits of Fluoride and oral health, what you do is put it on the surface of the tooth and not drink it’

And this is perfectly logical is it not? There is no need to expose our delicate organs and tissues to this poison, we can simply use toothpaste or rinses, and they are readily available nowadays. Studies in countries with Fluoridation vs. those with none have shown very little difference in tooth decay, with both showing evidence of general trends of improvement. However in Fluoridated areas, there was a higher incidence of Dental Fluorosis plus those illnesses I mentioned. So that’s hardly a good reason to subject us to this daily concoction of chemicals now is it? We are grown ups. Can we not be trusted to be responsible for our own teeth? How can we allow this to continue to happen without our consent? It’s time to wake up folks!

I myself was oblivious to what Fluoride actually meant, as I constantly sought out products that contained it, feeling reassured, thinking I was doing the best for myself and my young family over the years. It was only quite recently in 2012 as I was researching the causes of illness for a Wellness Programme I was developing, that I realized the importance of water for our body’s optimum health. Dehydration can cause joint pains, heart palpitations etc. So I myself being in fairly good health but with an underlying thyroid condition (I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2002) decided to have eight glasses daily, now I had a Brita filter but this doesn’t remove Fluoride. Within a week I had developed a rash on my face, and my skin had become very dry and itchy, I had severe palpitations, fatigue and I wasn’t feeling the best. It was as I was wondering what had caused this that I came across the Fluoride information which I’m sharing with you now.

In my research I discovered that Fluoride can worsen existing conditions, as it was used in the 1970’s to regulate Hyperthyroidism.  They discontinued using it as a medication ( ie one glass of water, a fluoride tablet or they would prescribe a bath, equal to a weeks supply!) as it was proved to actually destroy the Thyroid gland! The quantities of Fluoride that were dispensed are approximately equal to what we drink in every glass of water, 1 part per million) No wonder I wasn’t feeling well! After a week of drinking non fluoridated bottled water, I was back to feeling ok again.  The following are waters that I know are safe from fluoride : Volvic, Evian, Vittale, Willow Water, Tipperary Water, Carrig Glen from Lidl, Perthshire Still, Highland Spring and Askbeck from Tesco – these are the ones I used mostly. I began cooking with them etc. I gradually replaced my toothpastes and rinse for non- fluoridated ones, Sarakan being my favourite from my local health food shop. I gave up drinking tea, as it has very high natural fluoride content, it has been linked to symptoms of arthritis, and fused vertebrae and bone spurs. I drink herbal teas instead.

I eventually got a fluoride removal reverse osmosis system installed from EWT, based in Ireland. I’m in very good health now. I was originally on 200 mcg of Eltroxin for my Thyroid, back in 2002, which decreased over the years. I’m now on 25mcg every three days. I have no symptoms and I’m working on eliminating the medication eventually. I get regular blood tests to verify.

Despite the fact that 98% of European countries have rejected Fluoridation as being unsafe for health, Ireland continues to fluoridate its water. We have the highest levels in Europe. Irelands Fluoridation is 71% Great Brittan’s is 10% and Northern Ireland is 0% Most of European counterparts like Germany, France etc don’t fluoridate. But we think we know better do we? How long more are we going to allow it?

And if this isn’t enough to make you question this policy, I have it from Declan Waugh that the annual expenditure is in excess of 15 million euro, 4 million on the chemicals alone to put this unnecessary poison into our water.

Please contact your local TDs, join a local pressure group, sign a petition, do something for the sake of yourself, your family, your friends, your grandchildren, but please, please, stop being complacent. Let’s get our voices heard. We deserve to have ‘poison free’ drinking water. It’s bad enough that they want to charge for it, but are you going to pay for poison? I know I’m not.

Change doesn’t start with the other person; it starts with each one of us. While we are waiting in the hope of having clean water I recommend that you start reducing your Fluoride intake, not all toothpastes are required to list all their ingredients, but if you see a warning notice to seek help if swallowed then you will know it has Fluoride in it. Ask your local pharmacy and health stores for Fluoride free products. Drink non fluoridated bottled water or get a system installed. Don’t use aluminum cookware with Fluoridated water. Having a bath gives your body a weeks supply of fluoride in one go, have less or shower instead! Reduce or eliminate tea, green teas etc. Try herbal instead.


You can Sign the online petition here

Fluoride Free Water Group

Or for more information contact

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Declan Waugh’s report on Human Toxicity regarding Fluoride

And here are some video links you may like to watch on you tube, don’t just take my word for it, please have a look at the information available for yourself. Make up your own mind and don’t allow your government to think for you, they may not always be making decisions in the best interest of us ordinary people.

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