In Search of Perfection

July 5, 2012


We’re all going to die. There is no dispute about that. it is the only certainty in this life. But that’s not really the issue is it? The issue is, when are you going to start living? When are you going to grasp this moment, this day, as if it really were your last? When are you going to begin to give everything you’ve got to your situations, to your relationships? When are you going to start giving your best, your 100% to it all?

Because we’re all going to die aren’t we? There are no guarantees. You may think, well I’ll live to my eighties, but you could die this moment couldn’t you? Or maybe you’ve been told you could die sooner, but you’re reading this, so you’re still alive.

But you’re looking for perfection aren’t you? And you’re holding back until you find it, before you can give yourself fully, aren’t you? Well let me tell you that the only real perfection is death, it is complete and final, and you won’t find that kind of black and white perfection in life. In death you’ll find it, you’re either dead or you’re alive. Yet most of us live as if we are already dead or halfway there.

And yet we can create a form of perfection while we live, but we must be fully alive to do so. No half measures here, oh no, you need to give it your all if you want results. You must be fully present in everything, the good the bad the indifferent. Be fully present. Be fully grateful for everything that presents itself into your realm of reality. Fully grateful. No more thoughts of this is not enough, oh no, it is all more than enough. No more thoughts of ego mind, telling you that you aren’t receiving enough out of this or that. No more thoughts of lack, of something missing. Instead with gratitude and an attitude of giving you give it your all, your best; you give it your everything. Then you’ll see the perfection that can exist. Then you’ll discover that it is all perfect, it is as it should be, and that the only thing that was missing was your participation, your giving and your gratitude.

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