Climbing Out of the Abyss- Part 20

March 17, 2016

It’s a Generational Thing

By Paula O’Sullivan

Seven Generations

‘Hurt people, hurt people. That’s how pain patterns get passed on, generation after generation after generation. Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion and cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future.’- Yehuda Berg (Quote)

Stories in Ancient Lore suggest our thoughts, words and deeds all have the power to affect seven generations.

As mentioned in a previous article, by the age of six, we have witnessed our parents, guardians, siblings etc. response to the world with all the dramas and challenges of living, and we have learned our responses from them. Unless we challenge it, this is the way we too will carry on responding and reacting for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we even end up marrying someone like a parent, so our stories continue!

Most of us, were not brought up to love ourselves. Our parents didn’t love themselves, they were too stressed out trying to survive, and their parents certainly didn’t, it was even harder for them. And what about their parents, and their parents, go back seven generations, was there ever any concept of love given? For some of us it was a ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ kind of concept. For others it was a ‘let that child cry, you’ll only spoil it if you give it too much attention’. These are just brief examples, but what kind of pain do they teach? The teach us that violence is an acceptable way to make people do what you want them to do, and that anger and abuse are an acceptable way for us to express and inflict our own deep emotional pain on others. They teach us that we are unworthy of loving and being loved, so we end up with low self-esteem, forever after either feeling inferior or the opposite, superior to others. Low self-esteem always swings like this, you never feel equal to anyone.

I also hear so much about illnesses etc. running in families. No one ever questions it, they just blame it on the genes, but the genes are only reactors to stimuli from the environment, they switch on and off as required, according to research by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book, ‘The Biology of Belief’. A lot of people though if they look, will find that similar thought patterns and behaviours also run in families, which holistically are linked to those so called hereditary illnesses.

I’ve spent the past few years leaning to love myself and others. I’ve broken the pattern of my generations by changing myself first. In doing so I’ve shown my children an example of a different way of being in the world. Was I afraid to change, to break out of the norm or of what I was brought up to believe was the correct way to be? Oh yes, it took enormous courage to become who I really am and to honour that integrity above all else. But in doing so, I have opened a doorway for my children to be more loving, and hopefully if they have children, they too will improve on that. In this way we raise our consciousness and create a better world for all.

Part 21 – Mastering the Self.

Paula is an Author / Hypnotherapist / Reiki Healer / Artist / Photographer, in Blessington Co. Wicklow. / / Phone 086 0848398 All her articles to date are on her blog


Good Vibrations Anyone?

March 31, 2013


I recently began studying Metaphysics, which is absolutely fascinating and mind blowing, its such a buzz, much better than watching the TV. Since I switched off the television almost four years ago, I really learned how to think for myself. Before that I was just repeating what I was being told, by people who were just repeating what they had been told. Now I write about what I have learned through my experiences, I’m no longer an echo. I’m sharing here some of what I’ve learnt, and yes the more I learn and experience, the more I realize that there is still a lot to learn and experience. Where is the truth ? Somewhere in all of this, but you need to research and try it out for yourself, to know if it feels true for you. The answers to the Universe will not be found on the Nine O’ Clock news  that’;s for sure !

I’m researching energy fields and consciousness at the moment, and I’ve come across suggestions that we may be affecting the weather with our dominant thoughts (and yes I know all about chemtrails and what our governments are doing physically to affect the weather too) but not only that, we are affecting the Earth and possibly helping to create natural disasters too. Some people blame God, but hey what if God is within all of us already, then are we not just blaming ourselves? Maybe it’s time to start taking some responsibility for the kind of dominant thoughts and emotions we are emitting. On a smaller scale, we are also affecting each other. 

There is this general prevailing feeling of consciousness, of fear and doom and gloom and disaster. A general feeling of hopelessness. When you become aware of your energy, you will feel this, and you will have to raise your vibration higher, so that you don’t entrain to this lower frequency. Entrainment happens in nature. Women in close contact with each other like nuns or very close friends, find that their menstrual cycles entrain and happen at the same time, that’s just one example, another is if you have two or more pendulum clocks and move the pendulums in different directions, in a matter of moments they will entrain and move in the same direction. If a healer has a higher vibration then the client in their lower vibration state will find their energy field vibration will entrain to the higher frequency that the healer emits, therefore encouraging the bodies natural healing abilities to kick in. However if the healer were to stay in an environment of a lower vibrational frequency too often and not maintain their high vibration, then they would end up entraining with the lower frequencies of those they remain in contact with. Have you ever just felt good and then met with someone, and after you parted were left feeling awful and drained? Well your energy field entrained with that persons lower energy. And that is how it affected you. How much more so could a group consciousness of lower vibrations affect you if you are continuing to allow it to?

If you can recognize the part you’re playing, if you can raise your vibration, you will become more healthy, and happier. Your higher vibration will help people. Some people meet me, and feel better afterwards, they say they just feel calmer, its because their energy entrained with mine. I keep my frequency as high as possible. if you seek out people with higher frequency vibrations to hang out with, you will feel better. How do you know who they are ? They are generally positive people, they don’t tend to be negative, ie they don’t engage in moaning, gossiping or complaining, they are not generally angry or vengeful, or doubters as that lowers your frequency, and they are healthy. Healthy people have a higher frequency, ill health can only exist in lower frequency. If you are ill and think you are positive, there is still something inside of your thoughts or emotions that are keeping you in a lower frequency. In those thoughts or emotions lie the answers. It is our thoughts which direct our actions, and your actions may be contributing to your ill health. I know this from my own experience of illness and pain in the past.

I was holding in anger and resentment for about most of my life regarding one thing or another. I didn’t express it. I thought I was a positive person, but I became ill, I had a lot of pain, life didn’t seem fair, I was a victim, yet again. When I discovered about our thoughts and emotions and about finding a harmonious balance, and I began to address those issues in my life, I recovered completely. My thoughts and emotions created the illness, and my new thoughts uncreated it. Because along with those new thoughts, came a new awareness of my actions which were contributing to my ill health. So I keep my thoughts higher now, no more pettiness, no more unnecessary anger (Its about finding a balance) I only allow thoughts of gratitude and harmony, of love and acceptance, of oneness to be my dominant thoughts. And no you can’t stop those other kind of thoughts from coming into your awareness, they come from the energy fields around you, but you can choose which ones you want to entertain. 

An example of this, was a friend of mine who doesn’t consider himself to be Racist, and wouldn’t normally have thoughts like that. He was in a supermarket queue behind a woman of a different race than him. Suddenly his mind was bombarded with thoughts of a racist nature, which he couldn’t understand, until I explained to him all about our energy fields. That lady was carrying all that in her field, and he picked up on it. Think of yourself as a radio emitting signals, he had tuned into her channel for a moment. I’ve often experienced this as I pass people, its not that you can read their thoughts exactly, it may just suddenly be a feeling of despair that you get as they pass, or like my friend you may be in a queue and feel their fear or anxieties, or like him, all these mad thoughts can bombard you for a moment. And yes this can happen when you are not around people, because the energy fields are not contained by walls and doors, and no I’m not referring to hearing voices in your head as in a mental illness, this is different, but hey, who is to really know if that is not what is happening to some of those people too. I always raise my vibration to help them to feel calmer and to ensure that I keep my vibration higher so that my energy isn’t brought lower, and you can do this too, once you become aware of what signal you are emitting and how you are affecting all around you, your world, and yes possibly the weather too 🙂 If you need any help with this, just ask .

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