The Gift of You

Written by Paula O’ Sullivan

At the time of writing this article, it’s the Season of giving in some parts of the world. It’s also, I may add, a time of great worry and stress for many people, as they try to live up to the material expectations of their loved ones. This can lead to feelings of disempowerment, despair and helplessness, and my message for you is, that it doesn’t have to be that way. It is only that way because we have bought into the illusion of it all for far too many years. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re perfectly happy the way things are, then I wish you well, for the remainder of you though, I just wanted to share this message about the greatest gift you can ever give.

This greatest gift is free, but I’m not going to tell you that it’s worth nothing, it’s actually quite valuable. This gift can be given at any time of year, and it works best when you do this. This greatest gift is the ‘Gift of You. Now before you lose interest, you’ve probably heard something like this before, but this is my gift to you, so I hope you stay with me for just another moment or two.

This year I decided that I would give little gifts of me to those around me, now I’m not blowing my own trumpet, I just want to give you some ideas on how you can share your gift. I write articles to share positive messages and uplift the readers, besides from blogging, I print out a few and drop them into my local library, I write poetry and  had one about words of comfort for the grieving, which I sent a few copies of into a local funeral home. I’ve read poetry for the local over 60’s group and in our library; I set up a meet up group for people to make new friends. I also set up a skills exchange, so that people could barter, I have offered some Hypnotherapy sessions free in exchange for web design, holistic services, gardening work etc…I also paint, so some people are getting paintings this year. I’m recording some poetry and stories on Cd from my computer and giving them to friends and family. The other gifts I give are my time, my kindness, my smile, my support.

What ‘Gift of You’, can you give? Have you a good reading voice, perhaps you could give a few minutes to read stories or poetry to some children in hospital or to the elderly. Perhaps you have come across a nice poem or affirmation that you could share with someone, or put it into a frame and give to a local nursing home for example. I came across a very nice idea from a friend, who suggested making up a little booklet of vouchers offering things like grocery shopping, ironing, dog walking, childminding, gardening, diy, coffee etc, maybe you are good at some craft, flower arranging, wood work, metal work, photography, these are nice gifts to give . Maybe you could give your time to some local support group or set one up?

The ‘Gift of You’ not only comes from any talents you may have, but also from any hardships that you have survived and coped with. These are areas where you can help others, whether it is bereavement, illness, unemployment, redundancy, divorce, abuse, depression, etc..etc.. What have you learnt through your experience that could be a gift to others to help them cope, to help them get through, to help uplift and inspire them?

If you think about this for a while, you’ll see that you are abundant with things that you can give, and you will come to see that the greatest gift you can give is YOU!

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