Prevention is better than Cure

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

At the time of writing this, we’ve had some pretty heavy rain showers where I live. It was during one of the prolonged heavy deluges that I chanced to look out the window, and in dismay realized that the drain at the end of my driveway was blocked, causing a flood. I could see that the flood was spreading and was working its way down the street and was now outside a neighbours house two doors down.

Action was needed and even though I was warm and cosy indoors, I knew if I didn’t do something at that moment, that I would be causing a great inconvenience not only to myself but to others too, as the flood would continue to spread. So out came the wellington boots and the rain jacket, and armed with a garden fork and a spade I waded in. Within about ten minutes of loosening the debris, I cleared the blockage and all was well.

Now the reason I’m telling you this, is, that all through the summer, I had noticed that the shore was blocked, I could see that the leaves from the overhead trees had over time, turned into compost and had blocked the shore solidly. I passed it many times and said, I’ll do it another day. And every little rain shower would cause a little flood just outside my door, and still I didn’t act, until I was forced to take action.

This got me thinking about how many of us go through life like this. We notice something small going wrong with our car and we ignore it, hope it will go away, and then eventually the car breaks down, or we notice that things aren’t right in a relationship, and we ignore it and hope it’ll resolve itself, and it doesn’t and the relationship fall apart, or we notice that we are feeling tired lately, and we are getting colds, or headaches, or tummy trouble etc and we ignore it, hope it’ll get better and then our body protests, and we become ill. I have many clients who come to me to quit smoking after they’ve had a heart attack etc.

I’m asking myself, are we all addicted to drama or what? We notice these things, we keep telling ourselves I hope my car doesn’t break down, or my relationship break up, or my health doesn’t fail, or in my case my drain doesn’t flood the neighbourhood ! And yet we don’t think in terms of prevention do we? We wait until our backs are up against the wall and we can’t go any further and we are forced to face the situation.

What I mean in terms of prevention is this, in my case, check the drain regularly for debris,  get your car serviced, keep your body, mind, and spirit well, find a good balance between rest, exercise and nutrition, get  medical check ups, check in with your thoughts, are they making you feel good or bad ? Choose thoughts that make you feel good. Think in terms of being a survivor who copes, rather than a victim who gets picked on, if you believe life isn’t fair, then that’ll be your reality. I’ve been there I know this! Ask yourself, how best can I cope with what happens. Don’t put off doing something you’d love to do, this will bring your spirit into balance and help you feel good. Deal with stress before it deals with you! We get so caught up in the chaos of it all. If you’re getting tired, having headaches, frequent colds etc, your body is telling you to slow down, take it easy, find a balance before you trip over!

If something is not quite right in a relationship, communicate with EACH other! I know so many people who will spend hours with friends, telling them what is wrong with their relationships, yes male and female, but they won’t tell their partners, oh no, they have to mind read, they should already know this shouldn’t they ? NO, they don’t, many of us have to work on building our psychic abilities, and most of us can’t read minds! Tell them what you think and feel or forever drift apart!

I’ll leave you this quote. ‘To insure good health: Eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” William Londen

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