Tapping into our Inner Power

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

Our power comes not from suppressing others but from uplifting them -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (Quote)

It is only the fear that we have something to lose that makes us try to suppress another person. Real power is the power of love. It is stronger than fear and has a much nicer effect. When we become aware of this inner power, we awaken to a new world, it begins with self love, not egoistical, arrogant, vain or selfish, simply put, just being kind to ourselves, saying nice things to ourselves, being supportive of ourselves…why?

Because if we don’t actually like ourselves, if we rise each morning and look critically at ourselves in the mirror and don’t like what we see, if we speak to ourselves in a way that we would be mortified if anyone could hear us, if we say things to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to our friends, I’m talking about the unkind things we say to ourselves, if we are doing this daily then we will find it difficult to sincerely uplift others, we may feel that we can’t actually even give a simple compliment to someone and if someone gives us one, we feel we don’t deserve it. Now we can’t give and we can’t receive. Are we happy ? Some of us are just unaware, drifting through life day by day, maybe have a drink or take to drugs or other forms of escapism to dull the pain, some lash out, unhappy and bitter. Some become numb, die inside.

Some of us become armed with expectations and special conditions we greet our world and the world must play by our rules and if it doesn’t we get hurt and the cycle of fear continues. So in our fear we start grabbing, looking out for number one, dog eat dog, and we start thinking if anyone is going to get suppressed well it ain’t going to be me ! So we put down another person and we feel good, or do we ? It’s a constant battle. This isn’t power, this is weakness.

Real power is love, loving yourself, accepting yourself, changing attitudes, perspectives if necessary, learning and growing, free of expectations, free of special conditions, allowing people to be themselves, not judging, not criticizing, yourself or others, learning to give not grab, seeing that there is abundance, not lack, only fear sees lack, seeing what you can do to help others, without expecting something back, fear tells us we’ve given too much, love tells us to give regardless of return. Start with yourself, see that you have a power within you that can help our world, see that we are one and the same, each human, equal, there is no class system in the graveyard and we’re all heading for the same destination, we do not have to suppress another to be powerful, there is a better way, there is nothing to lose, we do not have to listen and be ruled by fear. We do not have to listen to fear telling us that it’s not ok to be kind to ourselves, we can choose to listen to love, the power within, and we can choose in any moment to start working with each other not against, and we can choose to start uplifting not suppressing. If you’re not uplifting yourself are you suppressing yourself? If you are suppressing yourself, are you able to really, truly uplift others? Think about it!

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