Are you still looking to be saved?

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

‘A man caught in a flood prayed to God for help. While he was on his knees praying, a police officer came to the door and offered to evacuate him, but he said, “No thanks, Officer, I’ll stay here, God will deliver me” and resumed his prayers. Then a person in a rowboat came by as the waters were rising, and the man said, “No thanks, I’ll stay here, God will deliver me” and continued praying to God for help. The waters continued to rise and the man had to climb onto his roof. At last a helicopter came with a ladder and the pilot told him to climb aboard. He again refused, all the while sitting on the roof and praying to God. Finally the waters covered him and he drowned. After he got to heaven he told God how disappointed he was that God didn’t answer his prayers. God said, “What do you mean I didn’t answer? I sent a police officer, a rowboat and a helicopter; what else did you want?”(Author unknown)

Now whether you believe in God or not, if you make an effort to become aware of the things that have happened or are happening in your life, you may notice that there have been occasions when you could have saved yourself. Whether it is from suffering, anguish, being hurt, being broke etc, etc. And while this can be a painful awakener, it may eventually lead us to a position of empowerment.

Now there are many for whom this is a difficult task, and I know because I used to be one of them. It was easier to be a victim, a poor me, blaming everyone and everything else for the predicaments I found myself in, it was easier to get low or depressed, easier to become ill, it all just helped me to make excuses as to why my life was the way it was. I was looking to be saved, I was looking for a magic wand to appear and solve all my problems, and this left me feeling powerless.

And if you are reading this and are like that and are happy to stay that way, well who am I to judge, I am merely only a moment of awareness apart from you, and that is all it was that changed me, a moment of awareness, a flash of insight that showed me how to save myself. A flash of insight that told me, you can lose your house or you can talk with the bank and make a deal. A flash of insight that told me, you can remain unemployed, complaining at the lack of opportunities, or you can re train and create your own opportunity, a flash of insight that told me you can remain in debt, struggling and being overwhelmed, or you can pay it all off in small manageable amounts, you borrowed it, no one forced you, now pay it back graciously, and like a dripping tap into a bucket it will all make a difference at some stage. A flash of insight that told me, you don’t need a magic wand, you are the magic wand, you are part of the problem and you are also part of the solution, a flash of insight that told me, you can sit mulling over your problems, and that is what they will remain, a flash of insight that told me, if you take action, you will at least feel empowered, you will feel more positive, and somewhat in control, and if you can just stop running away and hiding, if you can just muster up enough courage to turn around and face the issues, you will become stronger and more able to cope, because no one is going to save us, it’s a hard truth, no one can save us but ourselves. So if you are still looking to be saved, you may well end up disappointed in your search, maybe this article will help you learn to save yourself, like I did, I hope it does! I’ll leave you with this quote to mull over!

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha


2 Responses to Are you still looking to be saved?

  1. Kosmetologia says:

    I was recommended this web log by my in-law. I am not sure whether this blog post is published by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You’re fantastic! Thank you!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Now while I don’t know what your problem is, I’ll just suggest to you, that we can deal with problems easier, if we start seeing how best can we cope in any given moment and then looking to see if there is anything that we can do however small to provide a solution, if I can help in any way just ask, I don’t give advice, but I show people different perspectives to view their issues from.

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