To just be… or to just do ?

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

I heard a phrase the other day, ‘Are you a human being or a human doing?’, and it caught my interest.

Now this could be interpreted in so many various ways, I just couldn’t resist writing about it!

There are so many schools of thought, with such conflicting advice, that a person  could get so easily confused with it all.

So ‘Human Being’, what could that mean? In some mindsets, it’s ok, it’s  acceptable… to just be… to just let life happen… to just be… to don’t do anything at all…don’t take control at all….let fate weave the tapestry of life…whichever way it pleases…and so what, if you’re unhappy…sure tis a hard life…and then we die…tis just another cycle isn’t it ? ….Ahhh…that’s life. Sure if it’s meant to be…it’s meant to be…don’t take any action…what you want will either wing it’s way to you or not….and if things don’t come your way…big shrug…maybe a sigh or two…completely … just being….no pressure here.

An interesting perspective!

 What is a human doing then? Is it a….frantic list maker… a control freak? Always out there trying very damn hard to make things happen their way…sometimes discouraged……sometimes angry that things don’t happen as they’d wish! Are they making it happen… with their perfect planning… believing that. nothing happens by chance…and if it does…whoa… didn’t see that coming did ya ? Or maybe you did, and had your contingency plans all set up, plan A, B and C all in place…plenty of forethought…every possible scenario researched and appropriate responses rehearsed in your mind, well before…the incident occurred. A dynamic conscious creator…creating your destiny….. or trying very hard to.

Do any of you recognise yourself here? Are you one or the other type? Are you a mix of both perhaps?

As I was writing this, I kinda thought that I might be nearer the Human doing  at this stage of my life, having spent the best part of my past in a very passive role, but now I think I’m a mix of both actually… Everyone has their own way in the world, what’s important I feel, is that we find a way that is ‘Right’ for us. I like to consciously create my life to a point and then step back and allow it to happen or not, kinda get out of my own way sort of thing. Confident in the knowledge that I’ll handle whatever happens. I do believe some things are meant to be, but I don’t sit back in the arm chair, expecting miracles if I haven’t actually taken any action to help things along at least a little bit!

So does this make me a Human Do..Be..Do..Be..Do ? Well it works for me at the moment!… I’ll tailor it to suit… as I go along!


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