On Acceptance

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

In the sea of life, there are many obstacles.

If we choose to see these obstacles as big huge ugly rocks,

we may be daunted as they block our passage.

However, if we see these rocks as a challenge,

then we can climb over them, or go around them.

If these two options are impossible,

we can always accept them, and look for another route.

By acceptance, the negative importance of these obstacles dissolves.

I wrote this many, many years ago, and wise advice though it may seem, I don’t think I actually realized the wisdom of it until just recently! I’d forgotten!

The mindset I held for far too many years was when something or someone blocked me from going where I wanted to go, I would meekly back away, give up, say to myself ‘Oh well it wasn’t meant to be’, heavy sigh ! And that would be the end of it. The fact that my plan didn’t run smoothly would be excuse enough for me to abandon all action!

Now that I am somewhat enlightened (laugh) I see things a bit differently. I recently decided to train as a Hypnotherapist. As someone very witty once said ‘We make plans… and God laughs’! Well it was kinda like that! One thing after another happened that I could have allowed to stop me, but didn’t. Instead I saw these obstacles as opportunities to pause for a moment, a chance to check in with myself, and ask ‘Do I really want to do this?’, and with each subsequent obstacle to ask myself again ‘Well how much do you want to do this?’, and I found myself reaffirming to myself that ‘yes’ I was going to train as a Hypnotherapist and nothing was going to stop me! And nothing will! I’ve completed the first part of my training and I am really excited about completing the second part.

So the next time you encounter an obstacle, take a few deep breaths, pause, and question yourself, ‘Is this for me, do I really want this?’ Don’t moan! Celebrate! Be happy! The universe has given you a choice, a chance to say YES or NO!




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