A Pause for Thought

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

 Here’s a question for you, have you ever thought about your thoughts?

You see, it’s just that I didn’t, well not until a few months ago that is. I always kind of took them for granted. It never ever entered my head, that I had the ability to affect my own thoughts, and if you’re like me (as I was then) you will notice, if you give this subject some attention today, that a myriad of thoughts enter our heads daily. We may wake up, and an avalanche of negative thoughts about our coming day, make us think twice about getting up. We think about everything that we don’t have, and about everything that we want, but feel we’re not good enough to get! We worry and fret over things that haven’t even happened and probably won’t ever happen! Worse still we constantly go over and over the past, re living past hurts and grievances, as if we could actually change the past! (We can’t folks, we really can’t)

     What I want to share with you all today, if you don’t already know this( if you do, please be patient with me, as I learn I share, if you’re more knowledgeable, please share with me ) is that we can actually filter our thoughts, yes it’s possible to stop all the negative crap from taking over your valuable brain. We can stop ourselves from wasting time re-living the past. We can stop ourselves from worrying. We can change our lives, when we discover that we have the power to think thoughts that will make a positive difference in not only our lives but to those around us too.

     Ok, I hear a big HOW? I guess I’d better tell you what I’ve learned so….firstly,


  1. Be patient and kind with yourself, this takes time. Sorry no quick fix, it happens to you when it happens, but be consistent, it really works!
  2. To clear our heads of negative thoughts we begin, one thought at a time. Keep your sense of humour, you’ll need it. The next negative thought that comes to visit your head, show it the door, and tell it to talk to the hand. The minute it comes in, say not welcome and replace it with something positive. Now don’t moan and say ‘aw, gawd that’s not easy’, just do it! Do it one thought at a time, every time.(or stay as you are, but I’m in a better place, I’ll show you how to get there, but you have to do the work!)
  3. Re enforce positive thoughts by using affirmations, for example, ‘I approve of myself’, ‘I believe in myself’, ‘I love myself’, ‘I am strong in the face of adversity’, etc. Even if you don’t believe them at first, keep repeating. Use them everyday as often as you can for at least 30 days, this is the time it takes for us to form a habit.
  4. Don’t feed your mind with negative stuff. You become what you focus on. Start seeking positive people to interact with, they will help you. Seek affirmation websites and books, CDs; bombard yourself with positive stuff at the start, so it will crowd out the negative thoughts. Believe you can achieve it and you will.



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