Stir your Soul

Written by Paula O’ Sullivan

Shhhh…. Can you hear it? Listen really carefully… now can you hear it? Take your hands off your ears and try again… oh….maybe you still can’t hear it,  I know I couldn’t, but it was there, it was there all along, it’s always been there, but I guess I wasn’t aware, maybe I wasn’t listening, maybe I had my hands over my ears trying to block it out. Maybe I just allowed the voices of discouragement, my own and others, to be heard instead, you know the one that says ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘don’t bother trying, you’ll only fail’, ‘what’s the point in doing it, trying it… you’ll never be perfect, don’t waste your time, your effort… don’t even try’.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about and maybe you don’t. But I believe that all of us have some kind of a song inside of us that needs to be sung. Perhaps you’re good at something, art, singing, drama, dancing, gardening, writing, helping others etc .etc… maybe it’s just something you loved to do when you were young, the hours flew by when you were doing it, because you were so engrossed in that activity, and then you grew up and hey life just got in the way didn’t it?… it has a nasty habit of doing that…. if we let it… and hey sure wasn’t there always something more important to do than that silly old thing you used to waste hours at in the past?

And on and on it goes, and sometimes we reminisce and think about it now and again, and tell a few people, ‘hey I’d love to do that again…. and maybe  they give you an uninterested response of ‘uh, yeah you must… someday’, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a supportive friend or two (hang on to them… they are rare, in my experience anyway) And  maybe regardless, your song gets quieter and quieter and you no longer hear it calling you, and your soul becomes very still. But you’re just so busy with life that you hardly notice. And for some of you… that won’t matter, but for the other few… who on reading this, you suddenly see what’s missing, you suddenly realize that your life may just have some more meaning if you begin to listen to your song again… and for those of you… I’m saying… if you’re not living a meaningful life… then you must be dying… because if your soul is not stirred with a passion for something… you are missing something important here, and this something important can bring limitless joy back into your life….your song… if you choose to listen to it…and act on it…. can bring the meaning back.

I came across this lovely quote. ‘Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.’
– Wayne Dyer

So… come on my friends…. Try again ‘Shhhh’, can you hear it?



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