Heaven on Earth

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

I know that readers of this article will all have different beliefs, some will believe in God, some will use different terms, some use the word creator or higher power and some of you don’t believe in anything.

Whatever you believe in, think about this for a moment. We can choose to live in isolation knowing we are different or we can choose to recognise our similarities and celebrate them and focus on them while still being aware of our differences. Whether you agree or disagree with this, we ARE all one under the same moon, and stars, the sun shines brightly on all of us. We breathe the same air. We all have to eat and drink. We all have feelings and emotions and we all can THINK…..

And this is where we can come together… in our THOUGHTS. You may or may not  have heard of a thing called unity consciousness recently, now I’m not about to go into this too deeply as I will let you seek information on the internet if you want to find out more about this from those who know more than I on the subject, and views vary and I may not agree with all ideas related to this, but what I want to share with you is kinda linked to this idea.

Some of us believe that our thoughts create our reality. Some of us believe that it is possible to change our levels of consciousness, that we can become more aware and in so doing can help others to do the same. This awareness creates a feeling that we are all one, connected beings somehow with a purpose to help each other. No more us and them, but all in this together.

I feel that LOVE is the key that will unlock all the doors to this awareness. It will begin with yourself, you will first learn to love yourself unconditionally and then slowly you begin to awaken and it is so beautiful, like a flower unfolding, you will begin to see things very differently through the eyes of love, you will see how you now can love others too. Life is so wonderful, you can’t help sharing this love with everyone you meet and greet. You are full of love and light and you shine it into the darkness and you awaken another, and then that person awakens another and so on.

The situation now is that a few people have a different level of consciousness. They are now also viewing their world as LOVE. When you have this it is almost impossible to be judgemental or to have prejudices. When you have this you don’t have hate do you? Because now we are accepting each other, we don’t need to fight or kill each other. We are no longer right or wrong. ‘So what’ I can hear you say ‘what good will that do?’ Well a few of us are making a difference right now, each act of kindness, each thought that is sent out into the world to help not harm another is making a positive difference somewhere. We all affect each other in some way and when we recognise this fact, this awareness makes us stop and think twice before we do or say something until we reason out the effect it may have not only on the one person but on all concerned. This line of a Christian prayer made me think, ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’. When enough of us awaken and I didn’t say ‘if, WHEN this happens, I believe we will have a kind of heaven on earth, I believe it is possible. What I want to know is, DO YOU BELIEVE it can happen, and do you want to help it happen?

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