Mission Possible

Written by Paula O’Sullivan

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is a ‘Negativity Fast’, for at least a month, or perhaps a lifetime!

Yes I’m asking you to abstain from negative thoughts. I’m asking you to stop complaining, to stop blaming, and to stop thinking the worst. I’m asking you to think nice thoughts, not negative ones.

Yes I know this is a tough mission, and I wouldn’t set you the task, if I didn’t believe you could do it. I have full faith in your ability to evict the negative thoughts that are living rent free inside your head! I mean they’ve always been trouble haven’t they? Right from the start, I mean that guy ‘Fear’, who asked him to stay? Think of all those sleepless nights, and then he brought in his friend ‘Worry’; sure, you hadn’t a nail left after him! Then ‘Mrs Anger’ arrived with her daughter ‘Resentment’, nothing has been the same since, sure your poor mind is in tatters with that lot.

Why not have some friendly lodgers to stay instead. Invite in ‘Mrs Love and her daughter ‘Caring’. Mr Trust is lovely and his nephew ‘Hope’. Aunty ‘Forgiveness and her sister ‘Patience’ are a wonderful addition to any gathering. Mr ‘Respect’ is welcome everywhere, oh and we mustn’t forget Miss Gratitude and her lovely niece ‘Encouragement’. With these lovely guests you are guaranteed peace of mind, a bright future, better health, better relationships, oh yes, and a happier you !

So are you up for the challenge? This page won’t self destruct is five seconds, so I hope you will share it with others. Start today, one thought at a time, each negative thought that comes into your head, counteract it with something positive instead.

Why? Because amazing things happen, when people begin to think positive. When you unlock the chains of negativity, you are free to become who you really are.

I’m looking forward to meeting ‘Brand New You’ !

2 Responses to Mission Possible

  1. Thank you for a very positive message to start my day having just come in from a beautiful walk in nature! namaste Niall

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