Find your joy and share it with others !

Find your joy and share it with others

I found a beautiful photo for my computer; it has a wonderful vibrant blue sky in it, some lovely yellow sunflowers, and the words ‘Find your joy, and share it with others’. Every day when I read this, it reminds me of my mission, my purpose for living; to share my joy!

It’s funny how a few little words can put us back on track. I’ve been collecting quotes and inspirational sayings and also posting them on my facebook pages for quite a while now and I’ve just decided to frame a few, and place them around the house. As I pass them they’ll give me little inspirational boosts throughout the day. Last year I had a few pinned on the wall in my bedroom, and when I was feeling a bit low, the right one always caught my eye, just when I needed it!

As I sat down to pen this article, I thought, ‘Now how exactly can I help others to not only find their joy, but encourage them to share it too?’ This is not an easy question, but hey I like to shake the cobwebs out of my brain every now and again, so here goes with my humble suggestions!

I always like to lead by example whenever I can, so I guess I’ll begin with what makes me joyful and perhaps you’ll get some ideas from there!

Well as I’ve mentioned, reading quotes and sharing them with others makes me joyful. I carefully choose the ones with positive messages, in the hope that they will make a difference to the person reading them.

Smiling, yeah I know, very simplistic of me, but since I learnt to smile regardless of what happens, I have felt joyful. I get up and smile. It’s inside me now. I’m not mean with it, I give it to everyone I meet, even strangers, and there has been many a sad face I have brightened up with my smile, so hey find yours and share it, see what happens.

A sense of humour is a must. I do not take my life or myself too seriously. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a reckless sort of a person,  I read a quote by Gilbert K.Chesterton, ‘Angels can fly, because they take themselves lightly’, and we  can have wings also, if we take ourselves lightly too. Lighten up, enjoy your life. Laughing and smiling are great for relieving stress, and I have photos to prove this, you’ll look younger if you smile and laugh a lot, I look younger now than I did ten years ago! I find something to laugh about everyday; I look for the funny side of life often. It brings me great joy!

These are some of the simpler things we can use to find our joy and share it, if you’ve got some talent, share it with the world, shine your light, sing, dance, paint, write, take photos, act, the list is endless, but let someone see what you can do, don’t be shy ! Hide it under a bushel, NO, I’m gonna let it shine!

So hopefully after reading this you’re on your way to finding your joy and you’ll be more than willing to be generous and share it too now  won’t ya ?

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