Got the Rainy Day Blues ?

   I was standing in a shop looking out the window at the rain, the other day, when a man commented that it was awful when it was raining, as you couldn’t go out anywhere. I was going to ask him if that was so, then how the heck did he get here, like was he transported as in Star trek or something. But he didn’t seem the humorous type, so I let the subject drop!

   What is it with us and the rain? We’re all so happy go lucky when the sun peeps out, but the moment the sky clouds over and the rain pours down, we become bi polar!

You’d swear someone very close to us had died; we’re like living streaks of misery. Even motorists, who shouldn’t care less, being warm and dry in their automobiles, seem loathe to using their wipers and are seen wearing the expression that would lead one to believe that the devil himself had appeared on the road in front of them! Well maybe he did and I didn’t notice!

    A few months ago, I suppose I was the same, but now I’m the one who bounces down the street, umbrella in hand, smile on face and wishing everyone a cheerful ‘lovely day’, I always get a smile in return, except from those too miserable to raise their heads from dragging on the ground! So why am I different? It’s not that I particularly like getting cold and wet; it’s just that I changed my attitude, and I won’t let a little something like the rain stop me from going out for a walk. I won’t let it change my mood, or let it make me cranky. Instead of moaning and complaining about how awful it is, I now take the time, when I do go out in the downpour, to look at the beautiful reflections in the puddles, I observe the way the streets look so clean and shiny. I listen to the sounds of the raindrops as they land on the leaves of the trees, and I breathe in the fresh clean air and enjoy not having a near asthma attack, because the air isn’t so dusty! I know, I know some of you are thinking, this one is a right head case! Well maybe you’re right, but at least I’m not adding to the misery of the world, and that has to work in my favour, now doesn’t it?

     It’s just that I discovered something that helps, and I wanted to share it with you. It’s that we have a choice to be miserable or to be happy. We can choose the let the rain put us in a bad mood, or we can choose to be happy regardless of the weather. Wow, now there’s a revelation, a little thought that can play through your mind the next time you’re in your car with the wipers on hyper, or the next time you’re nursing a sore chin, because it’s hit the ground too often, or the next time you just have ‘ the rainy day blues’.

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