So tell me about affirmations

My argument in favour of using them is that I haven’t yet heard of anything bad happening to someone who uses positive affirmations to better their life! However I can share many sad stories of people who use negative affirmations, i.e. I’m worthless, or I always fail, or I’m no good at that,  or he/ she wouldn’t go out with someone like me..  etc. etc.  you get the gist ? Do these kind of thoughts or similar ones come to your mind? We tell ourselves terrible things, and worse, we believe them!

So you may have heard the term positive affirmations, but what the heck are they and how can we make them work?

Affirmations are simple sentences that we can use to help us to reach goals, become more confident, improve our self esteem etc. They are never negative.

When we say affirmations regularly, for instance in the mornings and evenings, or even throughout the day, we are telling our subconscious minds to believe what we are saying.  It’s no different to what we already do with our negative thoughts, and we are really good at that. We manage to worry and fret, we make ourselves afraid to even say hello to other people and worse, we can stop ourselves from reaching goals and enjoying our lives fully. Each time we think a thought, it travels down a neural pathway in the brain, and this pathway becomes stronger each time we think a thought, if we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, this is what we make ourselves believe is true of ourselves. So let’s get positive and start believing some nice things about ourselves.

At first it might feel a bit strange telling yourself things like ‘ I am in the process of  being happy’, or ‘ I love, approve and believe in myself’, if you don’t feel anything of the sort. But as you continue to repeat these thoughts, or whatever you choose for your affirmation, start putting some emotion behind it. We are great at imagining winning the lottery, but put this imagination behind your affirmations, start thinking, what would it feel like if I was worthy, how would I feel then? If I was good enough, if that person was attracted to someone like me, starting thinking how good it would be. Get into the fantasy of it. Start believing.

A little example, I was lacking in confidence. So I affirmed that I believe in myself, as much as I could during the day and in the evening. Then I imagined what would it be like to have confidence, how would I look, act and feel, what would I wear, what way would people react etc. This felt really good and after a while I took action. I bought new clothes and had my hair done. I got a favourable reaction from people who knew the old me. I wasn’t 100% believing myself yet, but I continued with the affirmations and hand on heart I do feel really confident now. I’ve done this with other things too and yes it takes time, it won’t happen overnight. But if you stick with it, you never know who you could turn out to be! Try it for at least a month and see if it makes a difference. I’m not an expert, just someone who tried it successfully and who wants you to try it too!


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