Ah tis nice to be nice

 Ah tis nice to be nice, for any motorists out there, have you ever been sitting in slow moving traffic, nobody’s goin anywhere fast, and out of the goodness of your heart you decide to let that car out in front of you, and they blink their lights to say thanks, and you feel good, and then you notice that car lets someone out in front of them too, and you feel connected somehow and you wonder will they do the same, and they do.. And you’re on a happy buzz of niceness…because you’re a nice person, right?

   And then the mean thought comes into your head. You think, bloody hell, if this keeps up, I’ll be here all day! And worse, you think, I bloody started this! Now you can choose to get mean and stay mean and never let anyone out in front of you for the rest of the day.

   Or you can continue to be courteous, because you’re a nice person? You may well find if you stay nice, that somewhere along your journey, people will start letting you out too! But hey don’t blame me if they don’t! I hope you all have a nice day, everyday, and that you don’t get stuck behind me in traffic, because I’m nice! 🙂

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