Luck comes in threes… don’t ya know ?

I was thinking about the things that we say and how we make the things we say come true. Well I’ve got a lot of time on my hands lately, just humour me okay!

I moved house recently and on the second night in the house as I was surrounded by a lot of unopened bags and boxes, plus two washing machine loads of wet clothes, awaiting a visit to the tumble dryer, I discovered that it had broken down. Calamity! Well not really, just when you’re tired and have used up every scrap of energy, it’s just one more thing that one could do without! It stretches the patience levels a bit too tight!

Anyway, as I was telling a neighbour about this the next day, she proceeded to inform me that ‘Oh God, that’s unlucky for you’, and as I was about to argue this statement as I don’t see things as lucky or unlucky anymore, she continued on with a familiar saying , ‘Bad luck comes in threes you know’, and as she asked me had two other incidences of bad luck happened already or was I in for a treat of two more unlucky happenings to assault my life, I found myself hypnotically drifting into this mindset for a moment,  although I hate to admit it, and I’m laughing as I tell you this, I actually found myself mentally playing this old game, just for moment I was actually looking into the future to see what else could go wrong ! Until I snapped back to being the ‘me’ I am now, and screamed ‘No, no, no’ in my head, I don’t believe this anymore’.

So why do we do this to ourselves? We are not content that one thing has gone wrong; we want to add two more things too! And I don’t know if you are familiar with the law of attraction, but I am, and basically we get what we focus on, we do attract what we focus on continually, in my experience, this has been true anyway. So we actually seek and eventually we will find those three unlucky things. Wow, are we stark raving mad?

Alright some of you may guess what’s coming next! I’d like to start up a new belief, a new saying that in perhaps a few years (hope it doesn’t take that long to become popular) will be as familiar as the one I mentioned earlier. Okay, here goes, start telling it to your kids, your family, your friends, your co-workers, start today, and hopefully this will make a real difference in all our lives. Oh and if it does, please share your story with me, I’d love to hear it. Here goes, the next time something nice happens to surprise you or a friend etc. Say wow, that’s great, now did you know that good things happen in three’s? And if they say no, they hadn’t heard that one; say yes it’s true and that they should expect at least two more nice things to happen also, but that it could be more than three, as there is no limit on the abundance of good things that we can attract, if we just put our focus on it! Start today and bring it your way!

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