The Power to hurt or to heal


A facebook friend sent me a lovely photo with a caption, a while ago, it read ‘Words can hurt or heal. What did yours do today?’(Thanks Garry!)

Now isn’t that very thought provoking? Many of us are not aware of the power of our words are we? I know I wasn’t, and although rarely in my life did I go out there to maim, I will admit, I have been careless with my words in the distant past, and they may not always have been adding to someone’s healing.

I believe that we do indeed have the power to hurt or heal with our words, and it is because that we are not fully aware, and that we do not think things through enough before we speak, that we end up hurting others.

I’ve gotten into the habit recently of thinking things through. I ask myself ‘If I say that to that person, what effect will it have? Not only on them, but on all the other people who this person interacts with today, tomorrow, etc. Because everything we say to others and to ourselves has an effect, so we really need to think about what kind of effect that we want to have.

Sometimes we are so full of hurt and emotional pain that we just lash out at others, as if that will make us feel better, it doesn’t, it just brings us deeper into the darkness.

When we hurt others deliberately, we actually hurt ourselves too, the things we say, the anger and resentment we hold onto, will only, only ever hurt us too, this will never help us to heal, nor will this help in another’s healing either.

So now that you know you have this power to hurt or to heal, what are you going to do with it?

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